X399 Motherboards (TR4-socket for AMD Theadripper CPUs) Sortable Comparison Tables


A consolidated list of TR4-socket (X399-chipset) motherboards for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs for comparison of different brands and models. Table can be accessed in the link below (opens to a google spreadsheet):

(15 MODELS LISTED as of last update)

All information were researched and verified to the best of my ability based on manufacturer's data, user manuals, and reviews. If there are discrepancies/errors, let me know. Specs compared include:

  • BIOS chip quantity, VRM/Power Phases (CPU+SoC), ATX12V Socket for PSU cable, MOSFET Heatsink coverage, and P.O.S.T.-State LEDs, (if it has a 2-Digit Debug Display Code or just simple LED indicators)
    RAM/DIMM Slots incl. reinforcements, if any (all mobos listed are dual-channel)
    SATAIII (6Gbps) Ports, incl. those oriented in a 90-degree layout (for better cable routing) and U.2 ports, if any
    M.2 (Key-M) Slots incl. those with heatsinks and their orientation/layout (traditionally, M.2 slots are parallel to the motherboard, i.e., at 90°, though some are oriented vertically, esp. in Asus models. Some Asus models feature DIMM-based M.2 add-in-card expansion.)
    PCIe 3.0 x16 Slots and reinforcements, the Maximum Slot Speed and Multi-GPU Support (Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire), and Additional PCIe Power Socket, if any
    ■ Other expansion slots such as PCIe 2.0 x4 and/or PCIe 2.0 x1.
    Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, RJ-45 LAN Ports/Controller, and Audio Codec/S/PDIF Opt.Out/3.5mm Jacks at the rear panel, incl. specialty buttons (e.g. Clear CMOS and BIOS Flashback), if any
    PS/2 Ports and USB Ports (incl. breakdown of each USB port type: USB3.1 Type-C, USB3.1 Type-A, USB3.0 Type-C, USB3.0 Type-A and USB2.0 Type-A) at the rear panel (note that "USB3.1 Gen2" is USB3.1, while "USB3.1 Gen1" is USB3.0)
    USB Internal Headers such as USB3.1 (20-pin Type-C), USB3.0 (19-pin), and USB2.0 (9-pin), incl. those oriented in 90°, and Fan/Pump Headers (which are all 4-pin Hybrid PWM/DC, unless otherwise stated)
    12V RGB LED Strip Headers (most are 4-pin [12V/G/R/B], while some, esp. in Gigabyte models, are 5-pin [12V/G/R/B]+[W]) for std. 5050 RGB strips, and 5V RGB LED Strip Headers (Asus uses 4-1pin [5V/D/-/G] for RGB WS2812B strips; Msi uses special-type "Rainbow Header"; Gigabyte uses 3-pin [V/D/G] which are 5V/12V interchangeable via a voltage selector jumper and supports 5050 strips)
    Specialty Buttons such as Power-On, Reset, and OC buttons and switches (others are not listed due to space constraints)
    Armor/Shrouds (I/O and Audio Covers), PCB Dimension (Form Factor/Actual Size) and Colors (of mainboard/accents + ambient LED color, if any)
Direct links to manufacturer's site, and user manuals, are added for reference (can be found at the far right end of each table). Brands are sorted alphabetically in each table.

Sample Screenshot:

For comparison with other motherboard models:
X470/X370/B450/B350/A320-chipset (AM4-socket) motherboards for AMD Ryzen CPUs
X299-chipset (LGA2066-socket) motherboards for Intel SkyLake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs
Z370/H370/B360/H310-chipset (LGA1151v2-socket) motherboards for Intel Coffee Lake-S (8th-gen) CPUs
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Update History:

  • Added Asrock X399 Phantom Gaming 6.
  • Added Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha.
  • Added Gigabyte X399 Aorus Pro.
28August 2018
  • Reformatted the look, spacing, and headers of the entire table, same as the other comparison tables (AM4 and LGA1151v2 mobos), for easier reading and comparison.
  • Minimized the header margin so that an additional bottom row can be fully-viewed on the screen (1080p screen).
  • Added a Year (released) and Price Range column.
  • Added new columns for Midboard Headers.
  • Added column regarding MOSFET (brand, model, type), Inductors and Capacitors.
  • Added several notes on power phasing (multi-phase schemes) on selected motherboard models based on transistor layouts.
  • All information on the column for 2-Digit Debug Display Code now features detailed notes on specific LED diagnostic indicators (e.g., CPU/DRAM/VGA/BOOT, DIMM, XMP, GPU, Hard Disk, etc.).
  • Created a Diagnostics column group, originally part of the Power column group.
  • Expounded the M.2 (Key-M) SLOTS column to now include detailed data on Slot Designation, Supported Modes/Speeds per slot and the Bandwidth Shared (ports that may be disabled or affected).
  • Added new column Arrangement of Expansion Slots inside Chassis to show the spacing between the PCIe/PCI slots, how it might affect large GPUs, positioning of add-on cards and M.2 modules, and airflow and aesthetics when the motherboard is mounted inside the case/chassis.
  • Expounded the Networking Column to now include detailed information on the Wireless Module (if any), including its interface, form factor, WiFi stream speeds, and location/orientation of slots.
  • Updated the M.2 Key-E Slot Column to reflect supported M.2 interface, added information on the location and orientation of such Key-E slot, and if such slot is pre-installed with a bundled wireless module.
  • Created a Legacy Sub-column in the Rear Panel Ports to show PS/2, COM, and LPT ports.
  • Added a Fan / Pump Header Rating column detailing the header designation and maximum rated amperes per header, to expound the Fan / Pump Header (4-pin) specifications (which only showed the quantity).
  • Provided and verified information on all twelve (12) listed TR4 motherboards.
  • Added fifty-seven (57) product review links.
07 August 2018
  • Added Gigabyte X399 Aorus Extreme, including available information (some data pending).
  • Added Msi MEG X399 Creation, including photo and complete detailed information.
03 August 2018
  • Reformatted the look, spacing, and headers of the entire table, same as the Intel LGA1151v2 Motherboard and AMD AM4 Motherboard Comparison Tables (see links in opening post above), for easier reading and comparison.
  • Updated information and details on Asrock X399M Taichi model
05 January 2018
- Added Asrock X399M Taichi

10 October 2017
  • Added Gigabyte X399 Designare EX and Msi X399 SLI Plus
  • Re-formatted table to included more information (e.g., special buttons, GPU 12V power, 90-degree ports, etc.)
  • Some modifications on previous data regarding CPU phases, USB ports/headers, M.2, Wi-Fi, and LED strip headers
  • Added direct links to manufacturer's Official Website and downloadable User Manual (per motherboard model).
20 October 2017
  • Minor corrections on some data
  • Highlighted best (in blue) and worst (in red) specs
25 October 2017
  • Re-formatted table borders to highlight column categories and individual rows
  • Minor modifications on some data including slight increase in column widths to accommodate text descriptions on notable specs
30 October 2017.
- Re-created table in Google Spreadsheet due to viewing issues of the BBCode format tables originally posted above
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