Question X399 MSI System Crash


Jun 24, 2014
Hay there everyone.

So I recently got a Threadripper and I have been having issues with it from day one. I thought it was a PSU issue but now that I have a 1200W I am not so sure any more as when I try to run simulations in Houdini, they never finish the Required amount of Frames but the system says 100% complete.

These are my Specs
CPU - Threadripper 2970WX
Motherboard - X399 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon / AC
RAM - 128GB Corsair Vengence LP
SSD - Samsung 860 QVO 2TB
PSU - Coolermaster 1200w Platinum
GPU - Nvidia 1660

So If I go into the Bios and set the Ram to its max Clock speed of 2666MHz the system runs fine.
If I go and set the CPU clock speed to 4GHz using the Bios based Game Dial Thing the System will boot fine, with the Obvious warnings of Plug in both CPU connectors ETC which I have done and quadruple checked that they are seated correctly.

Now I did Run a Prim 95 Test with the CPU and the Ram at 4GHZ and 2666MHz for about 10 or 15 min and the system was Fine. The CPU temp got up to a Spike of 80 Degrees C only once but Otherwise the system seems Stable.

I then Opened Chrome and my screen went off, Mouse, Keyboard and Power button on the Mobo and Case were Unresponsive and the Mobo code was 00.
This will keep happening if I dont set the clock speed of the CPU down to 3GHz.
Any thing over 3GHz will cause this to happen and I am worried its a Motherboard Fault or issue.

This issue happens with Windows, Linux Mint 19.1, Fedora 29 and 30 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Any Help what so ever would be Awesome, I have been on this issue for a while now and I cannot get any work done for my Reel.