Question X441NC Laptop Motherboard

Apr 21, 2020
Hello there

i have a question and i've try to find a answer on internet, but there is nothing related with this motherboard, so, i'm here to see if someone could help me to see this problem, and how to solve it.

first at all, this computer is of my mon, and she gave up on this because a technician told her that her laptop is dead.

i don't know, there is some issues that i see weird.

before that technician the laptop was running fine, but oneday it just turned off and didn't send any signal of live, it was so weird, so i opened it and I took out the battery and put it on again, and everything was fine, another day, she was working so, she went to that technician and told her that the computer has a problem with the voltage, so he was going to do a by-pass, so the computer won't have that troblues anymore.

this is what he done.

the pin of charge was changed or edited.

this is the worst work with a soldering iron that i've seen before.

that's not the problem, the computer turned on 3-4 hours after that

she was working in home, and turned off again, and didn't give any signal again, she went again, and the technician told her that her computer is dead.

now, i've try to turn on again, and the computer or motherboard now have energy, the charge bottom is turning on again, but it doesn't turn on.

is just recepting energy but is not distributing it to the mainboard.

this part is getting hot (processador) ( normal temperature) but not the other parts,

also i know that ^ this is the part where voltage is regulated but it doesn't have any signal, isn't getting hot.
but it doesn't make any sense for me because, why is turning on the charge bottom when i connect it, and why isnot turing on ?
i can't see the problem. please anyone hlep me

sorry for my bad english.