Question X470 strix stand by led on no video no beep sound fan spinning

Aug 4, 2020
Hello, I got this x470 mobo, with a ryzen 3 3200g, 16gb ram adata d30 3200mhz 1x16, gtx 960 2gb evga sc, 960gb m.2 samsung, my friend tried to oc the ram to 3200mhz, but he moved the to 1.6v and 3200mhz, after that he saved the settings and then the mobo restard, flashing de qled ram then cpu and then went back to ram, not showing video, then he reset the bios settings by short the 2 pins following the manual instructions but after that the orange led down in the right corner its on, is sb_pwr, so the mobo now when its coneccted to the light, its on, and when turning on the cpu fan is spinning but it show no video neither beep sounds.

The psu is working fine, cpu and ram also working fine, same for the gpu. I alredy take out the battery, shot the 2 poles, leave like that for 24 hrs, take out everything, ram, gpu, cpu. But its the same, any solution?


I leave video in the link.

Sorry for the bad english, is not my mother language.

Pd. The mobo dont have waranty anymore.

Ps2: yes the cpu cable is connected.
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