Question x570 1.44 vcore default voltage?


Aug 2, 2006
So i built my new system, no problems, x570 matx asrock motherboard, ryzen 3700x , 32gb of corsair ram, etc.

i havent overclocked nor do i intend to, however i was watching some video which i have forgot the link, they were saying
x570 motherboards default voltages are too high.

Today i went in to check and my machine was running on auto, current status shows 1.44 vcore, 66c, (im using stock cooler) was running at 4.6ghz
i have not adjusted any cpu settings or much at all after installation all i did was go in and selected the xmp settings for the corsair 3200mhz ddr 4 kit which worked and is stable.

i did a search found a review on toms hardware for the taichi mb, in there it stated

"Finally, a test that really stands out! ASRock’s X570 Taichi consumed far more power at full load, and a quick search for the cause revealed that this board, and only this board, was running the 3700X at 1.31V and 4.1GHz under Prime95 small-FFTs. The other boards were running less than 1.2V, at 3.9 to 4.0 GHz in this test. "

So according to this under prime it was only doing 1.31v.
my machine was not running anything but a youtube video prior to me rebooting and going into bios checking temps and voltages. so at the time i was in bios i was only running bios right?

So i know voltages and heat over time kills systems, if my voltages are too high should i go in and make an adjustment, i really dont want to i like stock which is why i dont overclock but if this is set too high, why, and do i need to fix it.

Thanks all for input that help, much appreciated


Yeah that is due to immature BIOS revisions currently. Check for new BIOS revisions for your motherboard, hopefully they should fix the issue.

My 3600 also has similar issues currently, when running a stress test it'll stay around 1.36v at 3.958ghz. But BIOS revisions will fix that for my board in the future.

You'll also want to insure you are on the latest AMD Chipset drivers and also the latest build of windows 10 1903.