Question X570 Aorus Elite ATX Motherboard

Nov 13, 2019
Just a quick question, I have a 3900x currently, going to swap it for a 3950x cpu. I also have 2x16gb 3600 g.skill trident memory on my x570 Auros Elite Motherboard. I'm looking to get into 4k video editing and 4k rendering. I would like to go from 32gb, get the same kit, to upgrade to 64gb of ram.


Dual Channel ECC/Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs

Does this mean if i use dual channel i get the ECC buffer? and if I use 4 sticks it will work fine but unbuffered?

Or do I need a bios update to run 4 sticks of ram? or does this motherboard not support 4 sticks of ram quad-channel?

Edit: nevermind cus actually i think the 3000 series from amd doesnt even support 4 memory sticks.
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TJ Hooker

Dual Channel ECC/Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs
That means the RAM:
  • Must be unbuffered (unless you're specifically looking at memory intended for servers, it's going to be unbuffered)
  • Can be either ECC or non-ECC (again, all regular desktop RAM you see is going to be non-ECC)
  • Can install up to 4 sticks
You only get ECC if you buy ECC memory. Nothing to do with the number of sticks.

RAM that was purchased separately is not guaranteed to work together (even if they're all the same model). Especially given that 3600 MHz is fairly fast, you may have issues getting 4 sticks to work together at that speed.

No, you don't need a BIOS update for 4 sticks, although BIOS updates can improve memory compatibility in general.

All Ryzen chips support 4 sticks, but not quad channel (that's only available with threadripper chips).
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