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Question X570 Aorus pro wifi - potential issue?

May 18, 2020
Please note that I have this motherboard and I am waiting for the PSU to arrive to complete my build. I was searching reviews and found this. Can anyone loosely translate what the hell he is talking about, is there something I should be checking once I get the system running?
Review -
"Solid board, but has problems with Auto vTT setting due to vDDR overvoltage

I have had this board for nearly 5 weeks and have only just got it working properly. I have been in contact with Gigabyte support regarding overvoltage of the memory supply, which they have confirmed affects their board too, so its pretty safe to assume it affects all boards of this model/revision. This board sets vTT to 1/2 of expected vDDR value, not 1/2 of its reported vDDR value. This means vTT gets pushed more and more out of spec the higher you adjust vDDR when using "Auto" for vTT. the solution is simple, set it in the first instance manually to half the reported value of vDDR, and tune it down slightly from there. This will get your memory stability back and sorted out my no post issues with (stable) high memory speeds. The problem is Gigabyte support take 5 to 7 days to reply to questions. This simple solution, requiring only 2 responses from Gigabyte for me to figure out took almost 3 weeks and had me pulling my hair out in frustration at random no posts and cmos resets the whole time.
Now the board is running well, its super stable and the VRM runs cool. Chipset temps are not good, neither are ssd temps, but they're within acceptable ranges. Ultimately what this board offers over the MSI B450i is BIOS Flashback, PCIE4, a second m.2, aRGB and the ability to run a 12 or 16 core with the VRM a bit cooler. I personally think that's worth £100 extra over the best of the B450 ITX boards as long as it doesn't take 5 weeks to get it running with the same components at matching speed. They really need to speed up response times for support as no matter how good the board is this really hurts the end user experience. Would've been 9/10 if not for this."

I suppose we don't have any more information about this pc, but here is mine

Ryzen 5 3600
X570 Aorus pro wifi rev 1.0 - https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-x570-i-aorus-pro-wifi-amd-am4-ddr4-x570-chipset-mini-itx-motherboard-mb-57y-gi.html
Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3733MHz Performance Memory Kit - PVS416G373C7K

Edit : that comment was made in 2019-28-08, and there have been 6 bios updates since then, some mention " Improve XMP DDR compatibility " and "Improve memory compatibility " , so i'll just ensure by Bios is to the latest version.
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