Question X570 - best build quality?


Apr 3, 2013
I'm looking to make a build with an X570, Ryzen 3800X, a couple of NVMe SSDs and probably an RX5700X. One of my main drivers is build quality and durability - for me this means keeping things running cool and below limits, and good quality parts in the first place.

Unfortunately, while there is lots of information on the top 2-3 X570s (which are impressive) it is hard to get much information beyond what was shown in the first week and most of the reviews on the other boards seems to be superficial at best. If you look at there are a lot of boards out there without much information. (and I'm not certain all are available in UK, certainly the prices are higher here than US) My leading on the first releases was towards the Aorus Master but I'm not sure yet that is exactly fitting my goals and can't find reviews on the non flagship boards.

What I want:
  • Thermal armour: I have founds in the past that thermal shielding around the graphics card is a big winner for trying to stop it from degrading the mobo. A graphics card may be designed for high temperature but the sound chip, or more likely the NVMe, sitting directly under its air outflow was not designed for it! The thermal armour (usually doubling as a heatsink) is good for me
  • Positioning of PCIe slots. I'm concerned at how many X570s put their cool intake for the chipset fan directly under where most graphics cards will dump their heat. Similarly I don't want to use an NVMe slot directly under the graphics card meaning i need to be able to put a triple slot PCIe x16 card where it will not be over the chipset fan, and have 2 NVMe slots not under it (either above it, or more than 3 slots below it)
  • cooling for the VRM. The better the...better
  • plenty of headers for cooling fans and temperature sensors. Most of the decent boards have the right software to support intelligent cooling
  • Most of what else I need is standard
What I don't care about:
  • excessive network performance. No WiFi 6 in this house, and powerline comms caps at about 300Mbit/s anyway so 10G lan or double WiFi 6 isn't special for me
  • Not an overclocker - prefer a high baseline than to push overclocks (note: I will clock up the memory to 3600-3733 but that's common)
  • RBG - I want a blackout box without lights. I actually don't want it if it doesn't have an off mode for the neons. In a closed box I don't really care how it looks either. Functional only for me!
  • extras: I tend to only need 4-5 USB, not 15. No specialist connectors needed, only 2 SATA (DVD drive, backup HDD), basic front connector. I don't tend to need esata, firewire, optical audio, bios switch buttons, etc.
I'm hoping is that others have found more than me on these boards and can help point me to what I'm missing. Right now I'm seeing ROG Crosshair and Aorus Master (Extreme's passive cooling seems questionable) as possibles for build quality and shielding but while price isn't a barrier I don't want to overpay. I've not seen much yet on the MSI prestige or the ASUS ROG ranges which I'd like to find more about