Question X570 chipset drivers from AMD and MSI - size?


Aug 9, 2017
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I'm thinking of doing something silly, but I don't think it will hurt anything. I'm gonna install the MSI X570 chipset drivers (371 MB) onto my fresh built, fully Windows Updated X570 Tomahawk system and then reboot. Then I'm going to install the direct-from-AMD X570 chipset drivers (51 MB) onto that system and reboot.

Surely there must be "something extra" in the 371 MB version of that software. Isn't there?

On the MSI website ( the X570 chipset drivers on offer are:

AMD Chipset Driver
Version / Date 2021-02-23 / Size 371 MB

On the AMD website ( the X570 chipset drivers on offer are:

AMD Chipset Drivers
Revision / Date 2021-02-04 / Size 51 MB

The system:
Ryzen 5600X // M.2 NVMe boot drive // MS Windows 10 x64 Pro
MSI X570 Tomahawk (with 7C84v15 UEFI/BIOS)
NVIDIA GT 710 (system will never play a game/card was cheap and works fine)

I have not yet installed any drivers or MSI Dragon Center from the CD that was included in the box with the mobo. Windows Update has given me almost all "generic"/Microsoft drivers, but also some few from-the-manufacturer drivers. I won't be using RAID on this system.


Is it likely that there is something extra in that 371 MB download that isn't in the 51 MB package from AMD? Or is the extra 320 MB just GUI bloat?

Thanks for reading this!


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IT could be an all in one package, when AMD first released the boards some of them had a package of drivers that included VGA, LAN, and all the others for motherboard so you didn't have to install them all individually.

I would go to AMD, its where I normally get them. MSI would be using their drivers anyway.