Jun 29, 2020
Hi all!

I bought an Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming mobo a few days ago, and a new Ryzen 7 2700x CPU.
(everything else stayed the same from my older pc (gtx 980, m.2 ssd, 2x4gb + 1x8gb ram, 1tb + 500gb hdd)).

The problem is that in HWinfo the chipset is getting too hot, it is 60-66C.
The chipset fan is not start spinning until the chipset reaches 55C and around 65C it is spinning on 2500rpm.

Should I worry about these temperatures? Because I think it did not cross 70C yet but I want to have it around max 55C all the time.
And there is also some bugged temp readings in HWinfo (I guess) because some of Temp2-3-4-5-9 goes up to 99C, (on the picture below it was way lower now) im not sure but I think these are just false readings.
picture> (hwinfo)

I replaced the paste on the chipset thinking it will solve the issue but from 65C it went up to 88C and 4000rpm+ so I managed to install the previous thermal paste looking thing back and having 65C again, so at least it didnt get any worse.
Now I have removed the shroud that covers the fan and the chipset is around 64.3C but its not running for long by now.

So is this 60-66C still a good temperature or it can damage something in my pc, and is it good for long term use? Because I found some threads where people said that they x570 chipset fans were running on 9000rpm and later they found out that they had no thermal paste between the heatsink and the chipset. (Thats why I investigated if mine has thermal paste or not)

Maybe the other cause of this issue can be my video card since it is a Reference GTX 980 from Asus which obviously has 1 fan and it is running pretty hot (actually rarely reaches 73C in summer), and it is right above the chipset fan, heating it up.

I really dont want to kill my new pc just because of that, because I cant really buy a new motherboard right now!

And another question!

What about Tctl and Tdie temps for CPU temps? My CPU Tctl runs around 50-65C while the Tdie runs around 40-55C. If im right the Tdie is the correct one and the Tctl is just a +10C offset to the Tdie temp, but I cant understand what purpose the Tctl has if we dont need it?