X58 chassis fan control?



Is there any definite overview as to which motherboards can control the fan speed of how many non-CPU fans?

I've read through the ASUS manuals and Rampage II Extreme seems to be able to do this -- with only 6x3pin headers (voltage control, I assume?) Other products maybe only have a single additional 4pin system fan which supports PWM?

I believe that most products can not control the speed of 3pin fan headers, is that right?

The reason I'm asking, I'd love my four chassis fans to be controlled by the motherboard. I don't like the concept of external fan control units where I often do not have access to the fan speed from within the system.


Thanks for the input! I did a comparison of their X48 and X58 manuals and believe that will be the case for DFI's X58 product line as well. The UT has 5 fan headers (sys, nb + fan1-3)
The BIOS offers a speed setting using minimum and maximum temperature to control at least the system and northbridge fans.

Unclear whether it will control fan1-3 -- anyone who could answer that one?

I researched the MSI offerings manuals and came to the following conclusion:
1 speed control on: X58M (+2 w/o sp.c)
2 speed controls on: Pro & Pro-E (both +1 w/o sp.c)
3 speed controls on: Eclipse SLI/Plus/Platinum (all +2 w/o sp.c)
The BIOS supports some percentage setting for each fan.

The ASUS boards have the following properties:
2 speed controls on: P6T, P6T SE (+1 pwr fan w/o sp.c)
3 speed controls on: P6T Deluxe, Deluxe v2, Premium, WS {SC, Pro, Revolution} (+1 pwr)
6 speed controls on: Rampage II Extreme (+1 pwr) -- 3 of them with thermal sensor cable

Foxconn is as follows:
2 speed controls on: Flaming Blade (sys+nb)
3 speed controls on: Renaissance
2 speed controls + 1 4pin speed control: Bloodrage

2 speed controls on: BIOSTAR TPower X58/X58A (they are: sys+nb)
1 4pin speed control on: ELITEGROUP X58B-A/A2 (+3pin pwr+nb w/o sp.c)

I'd love to hear from some more people whether their x58 motherboards can controll 3pin fan speeds.


Mar 5, 2008
Seriously? this is what concerns you the most?

All of the questions we have around processors, memory, graphics, SSD's, disk drives, AMD vs Intel, Nvidia vs ATI and now we are going to discuss how many fan connectors there are and how they are controlled? Are you building the first database about fan controllers?

Sorry, that sound was me throwing up on my feet...

Someone seriously needs a better life....