X58 motherboard for x-fire 4870's 1gb


Jan 31, 2009
hi im building my first computer and im going with the i7 920. Im a gamer on a budget so im going with an entry i7 920 system so that means looking for the best value motherboard. If i do overclock ever it'll be reasonable and all else i ask of it is good game performance and a future dual 4870 1gb set up because i have one 4870 1gb right now. considering the ex58-ud3r because its simple but cant find alot of info on its x-fire ability, i know it doesnt have sli. The other two i am considering is the asus p6t and the gigabyte ud4p which is a dead heat i need help to decide if i go in that direction. but again looking for value, 50 bucks is a good amount to save but if its worth the making the jump up to the p6t and ud4p let me know. cheers