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Question X58 System crashes without logs

Jul 6, 2020
Hi guys,

I've exhausted my limited knowledge on this so any help is much appreciated! I built a system from parts I had in storage to play some old games over lockdown but it crash>reboots at random, and specifically every time I load one particular game. The system 'trips' to black screen and reboots back into windows. Only a 41 in Event Viewer, never any indication of what causes it.


Intel DX58OG Mobo
Xeon X5680 CPU
12GB (3x4) Hynix 12800U RAM
Intel 760p SSD Windows 10
Fatal1ty 750W PSU

What I've tried:

Different PSU (600w so not ideal but the crashes are the same)
Different SSD with clean W10 installation
Each RAM stick individually
3 different GPU's (2xGTX680 and 760)

I don't believe the BIOS has been touched, but I'm not 100% sure what defaults should be (I've reset CMOS) - ram/cpu timings are stock though.

I've ran Prime95 on blend for hours on end, which it passes. CPU temps never exceed 65. I've logged hwinfo and no temps spike before the crash or seem out of the ordinary, they are stressed but nowhere near the levels of Prime95.

I'm able to recreate the crash every time by loading a game (Subnautica: Below Zero) which is in development, so I imagine is stressing something and causing the crash within seconds. It happens randomly in some other games (usually in Hitman: Absolution) but again, nothing in particular seems too hot. Strangely I've ran Witcher 3 for hours without any crashes. It seems very random to me but I may be missing something.

Any ideas what my next steps are?