Aug 12, 2004
The test here (on this site) performed i don't get fully...

The efficiency of the power supply we used during testing (Antec True Control 550W, 69% efficiency) is not factored into the results here.

This is what i don't understand exactly. Here is a link to the power graphic and all


What do they mean with the full load power usage of 263watt? Do they mean a 300watt suply will be enough?

Or is it calculated with the efficiency like> 263/0.69= 381~ watt

So does it mean i need like a 381 watt suply with the efficiency of 0.69 to get enough power atleast
Or is a lower possible?

Thank you


Mar 18, 2004
You've got the conversion backwards there. a 380w power supply that operates at 69% efficiency delivers a full 380w(assuming that's an actual capacity rating, instead of the skewed numbers that Power supply manufacturers use) to the PC components. What the efficiency means is that if you're using the full 380w on the PC side, that the power supply has to actually draw 551w from the AC outlet, and that then 31%(100-69) is lost to heat/waste in the conversion process from AC to DC.

Those numbers in the review are on the AC side though, so like with that particular power supply, at 69%, the 263w at AC side means the PSU is actually only outputting 181.47w to the variuos components in the PC.

now whether your PSU in particular can handle this depends on the wattage on each particular rail.