Question X99 System Locking up at post splash screen unless I unplug and replug SSD


Jan 30, 2013
I have an odd issue, Computer works great, but every once in a while (about once a month) apon boot up my computer locks up at the splash screen at post. If I pull out my pci-e ssd and turn on the computer I get past the splash screen and into the bios, then if I turn the computer off reinstall the ssd into the pci-e slot and turn the computer back on it boots to windows just fine. It continues to work without problem for a few weeks. This has been going on for the last six or so months. I have tried reinstalling windows, and I have also tested each component individually with no issue. I cannot force replicate it. Now something new happened last night my screen went gray with a loud noise and then on restart it did the same thing locked up until i removed and re slotted the drive.

i7 5960x
Asus Deluxe x99 motherboard
Corsair Dominator 32GB (8gb x4)
Intel 750 series AIC 400gb PCI-e 3.0x4 SSD
Nvidia Titan Z GPU
EVGA 1000W Supernova G2
Your BIOS is being stubborn with your PCI-e slot SSD....

The SSD may work fine elsewhere, on 99 out of 100 mainboards....

MB works fine for everything else...

If you have latest BIOS, and have reflashed the BIOs, latest firmware for SSD.... and are otherwise happy w/ your existing mainboard..

I'd just get the 970 Pro and call it a day...(You could likely sell the INtel SSD card for $300-$350, and end up with an M.2 drive with at least 1 TB...., the 970 Pro is 1000 MB faster on sequential reads, and 2-3 times as fast on writes)

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