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Should i have just went with a Pi set up..

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Jul 2, 2020
I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 (J260DL and J260T1) phones one is running android 8.1 the other is 9.1... i recently got an otg adapter and been wanting to make a real cheap ghetto gaming set up.. micro usb to hdmi keyboard mouse and gamepad running from a smart phone lol (yes i know about rasberry pi) well i got bluetooth keyboard, hdmi cord, and mouse... looked for a gamepad and found on ebay the usb cable for xbox 360 and got 2 because i habe lots of 360 wireless controllers laying around.. well came in the mail today i hooked it up amd nothing.. light blinks green... so since i have down research while i waited for coord to get here i learned about android key mapper apps etc. ive tried tnk mapper octopus mapper and several others and nothing.. they cant find device or get a key feed back to map.. i got a usb device info app.. amd it showed unknown device.. them i hit refresh and them it knows it is microft by the vendor and the id is 028f,.. i looked up ajd google and yes it is for a wireless 360 controller.,.
Now that the details have been made clear.. WHY ISNT IT WORKING... Can i just please get a link to download anything that may help.. and no both phones are not rooted i have tried.. they are not popular enough i guess for ppl to make a tutorial that is safe for me to use...
any help, suggestions, feedback will be appreciated.. àlso i am poor.. cant afford another controller like a ps3 or ps4 or even a cheap 10 dollar one from ebay that is android specific.. i also have a ri8 ii8 mouse keyboard thing i got from mercari.. <Mod Edit> dont work at all,..
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