Xbox 360 fixed


Dec 19, 2012
Hi! Just writing to possibly get some feedback. I recently had a disc ray that got jammed open on my Xbox 360 .. Well we are on a tight budget and half the kids Christmas this year was Xbox stuff so I did one of the dumbest things possible. I found a repair guy on Craigslist to fix it cheap. Well to my shock he really fixed it! It works great now BUT there is one issue.. The casing appears to be slightly out of alignment mening I can see a bit more of the inside of the Xbox when I open the disc tray. It isn't too bad but it is noticeably different. It looks like the guy couldn't quite line it up perfectly when he put it back together. My question is is this dangerous or a problem performance wise or is it simply a cosmetic issue that doesnet matter. Hey for 40 bucks I'm happy that the thing works! But just thought I'd see if someone could give some insight on this. Thanks!


It's primarily a cosmetic issue. There will now be a bit of a bigger gap for dust to get into the unit, and it's slightly more vulnerable to any accidental liquid spills. On the whole, I wouldn't worry about it based on what you said. It looks ugly, but as you said, for $40, you can't complain too much if it works.