Xbox 360 or PS3 for Birthday


Jun 26, 2006
Hi Guys,

My wife is gifting me a gaming console. I have two options :

1) Xbox 360 (with kinetic) - $500
2) PS3 (with motion) - $400

I have always played games on a PC. So this will be my first time on a console. What should I do ?

My thoughts :

- I like FPS and strategy games.
- Xbox looks prettier and the remote is better.
- PS3 doubles as a blue ray player and I love watching movies in my HD TV. Though I do have a blue ray player but I can give it away.
- PS3 looks so so and the controller is not great.
- I dont think I will be using the Xbox live service.
- Can I watch youtube videos on the console or browse the web. ?

Since I work also I think I will have little time for games and I live outside the US.

What should I do ?

Please advice.




Hi there,

If you've always played games on PC then you're going to be very disappointed with any current console because they're all ancient relics that should have been replaced 2-3 years ago.

I'll reply to your list of thoughts now:

- Both FPS and strategy games are MILES better on PC.

- The looks of either console are your personal preference.

- You can get a decent Blu-ray drive for your PC pretty cheap these days.

- The Xbox live service is pretty much the only thing that's keeping the Xbox alive today, so if you're not going to get that then your overall experience will feel kind of empty.

- You can only browse the web on PS3 but you can watch Youtube on either console although both of these things can be done much better on PC anyway.

Both consoles have their good and bad points and It's your choice at the end of the day, but if I were you I'd ask her for a shiny new graphics card instead if your current PC can handle one.


Sep 21, 2012
Go PS3. If you will be playing online... Its free :p. BUT! Never EVER forget the exclusive games to each console. Like: HALO (XBOX) Uncharted (PS3) ETc. If you dont care... SIM 83 had it spot on. Have Fun!


Mar 11, 2011
Brother got me an xbox for my birthday, loving the racing games especially forza 3. seems to be a lack of decent ones on pc. but for fps & strategy i'll always go with pc. some game types just don't work very well with a pad :??: no interest in blu-ray myself so that wasn't an issue. it will hook up to online tv & movie services using apps you can download from the apps market, and hooking up an external hard drive with movies/shows on when i want to watch something specific is easy - however has required some re-encoding for compatibility. if you have little time for games it does seem abit strange considering buying a console however :p

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007
I'm a PC Gamer as well and a few years ago, I got the XBOX360 because of it's exclusif titles (which was very dissapointing by the way).

So my XBOX360 has become my "we get drunk and play XBOX" platform.

Playing kinect games during a party is almost always a win (where PS3 is, well like a Wii HD). If you're into Guitar Hero type games then both platforms are ok for that.

That said, for the amount of money you'll (or rather she'll) spend for the time you'll end up using it... get something a new tablet, laptop...or withing the PC world then a new Monitor and/or 3D Vision kit...or a new VC...anything but an old overpriced console.


Aesthetics and every other concern for a game console should be secondary to the GAMES. Check some review sites like GameSpot, and figure out which console has more games that YOU want to play. Everything else is just an added bonus. When you think about it, would you rather have a nice looking console that has virtually no games you want to play for it, or an ugly as sin device that you have a great number of games you enjoy playing? So be it the PS3 or 360, whichever has the larger number of games YOU are interested in should be the primary deciding factor.