Question Xbox 360 wireless receiver only works in USB 3.2 Gen 2 port on Windows 11 ?


Feb 3, 2010
I guess this is a safety question and an observation on windows 11. I recently ugraded my PC and when plugging in all the components I had a problem with the xbox 360 wireless receiver. When plugging into regular usb 2.0 usb 3.0 ports it would not recognize it or I would get a notification that it does not get enough power, I tried all the different ports and the only one which functions normally is the usb 3.2. gen 2 port. The red high speed one on a gigabyte motherboard. This is one of the receivers where I had to short the f1 fuse to get it back in working conditions. So I am thinking if it could be faulty and require all the additional power? Is this possible and could there be any danger in damaging the usb port or the motherboard? I get a similar problem also when using the chinese version of the receiver. That one lights up on all ports but is not recognized and i cannot install the drivers on it in windows 11.

The XBOX 360 wireless receiver as it is now works as intended and connects normally to all controllers. Do you think it is safe to keep using it this way? What could be the reason for it requiring the highest speed port on the motherboard?


This sounds like a power issue. SOME USB 3.2 ports can supply oeven more power than the standard 0.9 A max for USB 3. I worry about your story that the unit failed and was revived by bypassing its fuse. Maybe it is consuming MORE power that it was designed for?