News Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Coming to Windows and iOS Tomorrow


Nov 2, 2013
Considering PC gaming is heading towards obsolescence with yet again overpriced GPUs (even at MSRP the whole line up is absolutely dreadful) vs Consoles I can now start seeing these services making sense for whoever still use a PC For other tasks so does not want to purchase a console. £500 for a xx70 class with 8gb Vram and anything below or above being as bad value, crypto with Nvidia not wanting to increase production to avoid a situation of spare inventory and retailers being a total scam and failure in handling bots, this makes sense.

PC Hardware retailers will increase further their gap in hardware as less and less people build PCs (no...there is no high demand for 30xx, they just give not even enough for the enthusiast who would buy even a 3k cards, that's not the market, that's a niche) and so AIB as they really do not make any chip themselves.

Until my 1080ti will do the job in ultrawide 1440p fine then will look at this, not going to spend 3k to play CONSOLE PORTS really... we no longer have big exclusives and now with Ngreedia (and AMD) we do not really have an edge, on a £650 card you need super sampling (glorified under the name DLSS by Nvidia marketing team) to play games.