Question Xbox controller bluetooth issues

Mar 22, 2020
I am using an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on PC via bluetooth. The first night I played Doom Eternal, everything went perfectly. I was getting rock solid 60fps in 4k at Ultra Nightmare settings and my controller was perfect. The next night was different. If I use the controller in USB, all's good. However, if connected via bluetooth, DE slows to as low as 8 fps. When I calibrate through Win 10 Game Controller Settings, all looks well. However, in the in-game performance metrics overlay, it's obvious the situation is wreaking havoc with the CPU and completely bottlenecking it. Unfortunately, I am having similar issues in other games since my first night with DE but have not been able to find a solution. Steps I have taken to fix:

~Ensured I am following pairing and setup processes correctly for the controller.
~Deleted and reinstalled latest bluetooth drivers first letting Windows automatically find the driver, then again with latest from mb manufacturer.
~Troubleshooted through Win 10 Update & Security settings.
~Updated controller through Xbox Accessories app.
~Paired and removed controller after each step. Multiple times.
~Rolled back to previous restore point in Windows

My specs:
Windows 10 64-bit (with latest updates)
Gigabyte z390 Xtreme Waterforce (ver1)
i9-9900k (tried base clock and overclocked)
Gigabyte Xtreme Waterforce 2080ti (in sli and one card alone)
Nvidia Driver 442.74
32 gb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4 3600 (XMP both on and off)
Samsung 970 Pro nvme m.2 1TB
Seasonic Prime Plantinum 1300 watts
Custom watercooled loop (temps aren't the issue)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.