Question Xbox Controller moving on its own in Windows 10 apps/settings/game bar

Mar 16, 2021
So, I've been having this issue with my Xbox controller on my old laptop where after about 10 minutes of using it, it starts to flicker around like crazy in Windows 10 settings menus, apps, etc (where the controller can be used as control) and it's started to happen again on my new PC. I don't know how to explain what's going on very well, but here is a gif of what happens (its much faster on my end, the gif is just low framerate):

Sometimes it makes me unable to type my password in on the lock screen. To clarify, It is doing it on its own.

It keeps doing this even if I unplug it, only I am able to fix it by restarting and not plugging it in. Could this be the result of a broken cable? Sorry if it's a silly question, I currently can't afford to get a new cable to tell the difference.
The knob moving on itself is called joypad drift but that wouldn't appear after 10min, it would always be an issue.
Since it happens on both systems it's clear though that it's an issue with the controller.
This online tool can tell you if the knobs are off center and how much they move on their own.