Question Xbox GameBar issues

Jul 25, 2021
Hello people

Since PC is my main gaming platform and I sold my xbox one fat I still play games from this company like Gears 5 with friends.

Where is the problem? I find the interface that Microsoft provides to PC gamers who want to interact in the xbox "universe" to be poor.

My main problem is with the GameBar where I don't get Party or game invitations, so I have to manually enter parties that are often only by invitation and you can imagine how tedious it is for the other person to open it for a reason that they shouldn't exist.

Before you comment, I must say that in GameBar, in the configuration and notifications section, I have it activated to notify me when I am invited to parties and games, also when achievements are skipped, which does not notify me either and I have to check manually if the achievement that I want to get skipped. .

I don't know if I'll be the only one because my xbox friends play on console.

Thanks in advance.