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I was hoping someone could help me with my xbox live issue. I recently rearranged my room which involved moving my xbox and the adapter to a different location. I don't know whether this is relevant or not, but after moving my connection was fine up until late last week.
Since then I have had a number of issues:
1) I cannot watch videos on 'Inside Xbox'- for some reason they will not load and at times my xbox will just freeze.
2) Xbox live content will disappear, an error code will come up explaining that it is not available to me and I can only see 'my xbox' and 'my friends'
3) Downloadable content also doesn't work when its available, and normal updates for games (e.g I put in Fallout 3 and it had to a brief update) take forever (Over ten minutes)
4) Party chat with my friends constantly breaks up and they cannot hear me and vice versa
5) During online games, I will encounter huge lag spikes spanning over ten seconds long. Usually this involves everyone in my screen running into walls, then suddenly I find I have died etc.
I have looked online for an answer, but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is so I cannot find a solution. I'd appreciate any help that anyone can provide.



Mar 16, 2010
Hello Alex,

If you've moved your Xbox, you may have moved it into a spot where your signal strength for your wireless (i'm assuming it's wireless) is in a sort of dead zone. Even a few feet within a room can make a huge difference.

Additionally, sometimes power lines outside, other signals within the house, can interfere with your wireless signal. I had a friend who's Macbook Air was constantly interrupted whenever someone turned on the stupid Microwave.
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