Xbox Live Creators Program Opens Up Xbox And Windows 10 Game Development

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Jan 17, 2008
SHRAPNEL_INDIE - correct me if I'm wrong but this merely sounds like Microsoft are 'allowing' any developer to publish their games onto windows 10/xbox one. and are not restricting developers to only that platform, so there's no reason why you can't also release your game on steam or playstation/etc if you wish to (and if they let you.)

So I wouldn't call this a move to lock you deeper into the xbox/windows platform exactly... it's just another option open to all developers.
Aside from getting potentially CRAPPY games which is a trend when it's cheap and easy to make a game (a "game" not necessarily a good game), I don't see this as a bad thing.

Publishing on UWP can make it easier in theory to publish the same game to the MS STORE as to the XBOX ONE.

If they allow users with both a PC and XBOX ONE to buy the game once I'm interested, but until a game is BETTER for being published on the MS STORE I'll stick with Steam (I have a couple games like GEARS 4 on PC but that's due to no choice in the matter. The DOWNLOAD service is still a mess though that will get fixed).

I like more CHOICE and competition provided it doesn't restrict me somehow. I'm not overly concerned with this here.


Jan 21, 2010

You may be right... and I hope you are... but MS has participated in locking developers into THEIR platform before.... waaaay back with "Windows Certified" they had a "play dirty" approach where if an app was also available for another platform, ...say... Mac or Linux... possibly even OS/2 once they were done taking advantage of IBM and sabotaging it.... they would NOT issue the certification, and it (the certification) had become a sell-point during that time period. They eventually got in trouble for that too, IIRC.
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