Question xbox one controller doesn't work after I reinstalled windows 7

Jul 15, 2019
A while ago I got a new xbox one controller for my pc. I had to manually download and install the driver but after that it worked.
I recently bought an ssd and decided to reinstall windows (7 64bit) there. I reinstalled the driver but the xbox one controller no longer works.
I tried repairing/removing and reinstalling the driver, plugging the controller in a different usb port (usb 3.0) but nothing works.
The controller vibrates when I turn on the computer or when I plug it in. I no longer vibrates when windows starts like it used to.
As long as the driver is installed the controller does appear in device manager.
If I press and hold for a second the home button, it starts flashing for a while and then it eventually stops.
Could the fact that it remained plugged in during the windows installation process have somehow messed up the controller or something?
Does anyone know what I could do?