Xbox one headset mic and audio not working

Jan 8, 2019
So I recently bought an Xbox one, about 2 weeks ago. I've barley used the controller (Xbox one S) and my headset (Astro A10's). So about an hour ago I unplugged my headset for about 30 minute. Prior to this everything was working fine, audio from headset, mic. I came back and plugged my headset back in and my headset will no longer play audio, and the Xbox isn't even detecting I have a headset plugged in. I've tried everything, hard restarting the Xbox, checking for updates for the console and controller, cleaning out headset ports. Basically all the general troubleshooting. I've read a couple articles online and what I can deduce is that the headset port itself is broken. I find this ridiculous since I've maybe only put 12 hours or so on to my Xbox. The controller is in pristine condition and it's never been dropped, damaged, or tampered with. Do I really need to go out and by a new controller? Does Microsoft actually make a product that is this shitty that it can't handle 12 hours of game time? Any suggestion should would be helpful as I'm really not trying to spend more money into this thing as I've already dropped around $400 over the last 2 weeks of having it. Thank you in advance!

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