Question XBOX ONE WIRED TE2 Fightstick Issues Connecting

Feb 27, 2019
My Fightstick was working just fine on my PC for a long time. But I uninstalled a program called Vjoy, and now everything has gone to hell. The device connects, and it shows in the game controllers area, as well as in device manager. However when I click properties in Game Controllers it gives me a prompt that says. "Your game controller is not connected properly. Please verify that it is plugged into your computer. Now obviously it is, and it still won't read in the Game controllers menu. I've tried uninstalling the controller device, and reinstalling it. Reinstalling the VJoy program. Nothing is working and I cannot use my controller anymore. I'd really like a fix to this if anyone has any insight. I've also tried a system restore. It did nothing for me.
Not sure what may have happened overall. Did you actually uninstall Vjoy or just delete the executable?

My suggestion is to completely uninstall Vjoy along with the applicable game controller drivers.

Start completely over as if all is new.

Installation information and instructions:

Follow the instructions very carefully. Read first and plan accordingly.

Note: Near the bottom of the link (Principles of operation) the Registry is discussed. Tinkering with the Registry per se is not recommended.

Leave the registry alone for now and just attempt a fresh "do over".