Xbox One X Arrives November 7

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Apr 3, 2001

You don't even need to remove the 'One'. The common abbreviation for Xbox was XB. And although I preferred XB1 as shorthand for the Xbox One, it's also valid to use an O. Hence XB One X = XBOX. ;) I like it.

If there's ever a need to clarify you can just say Xbox One X or just One X.


Is the GPU a dedicated unit, or is it still SOC?? Because if it's SOC and can do 6TF, then i can't wait until the ryzen APU's come out. I realize it's a completely different architecture, but if the GPU architecture is similar and with AMD's infinity fabric being able to plop more modular cores onto a chip.......

This is pretty much the same thing that Sony has done this generation as well, with the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The Slim or S versions are mainly just intended as revisions to save manufacturing costs and reduce the size and power use by making use of newer hardware. 16nm manufacturing processes are now available for the chips, so why not make use of them? Those with an original model aren't expected to "upgrade", as functionality-wise, they're pretty much the same as the original unit. This has been done with almost every console generation ever.

The Pro and X versions are a bit different from what we normally see, in that they have significantly more graphical processing power from the original versions of the consoles, but that seems like it will largely be used for running the same games at higher resolutions, and perhaps graphical settings. I doubt that they'll be releasing yet another version with even faster hardware this generation, though it is likely that there could be another minor revision.

And these consoles are nearing four years old already. Prior to the last generation, most consoles were only out for five or six years before their succesor would be released. If you look back at the original Xbox, that console was only out for four years before the Xbox 360 was released. Or more recently with the Wii U, which has been followed by the Switch in less than four and a half years.

The only potential issue for those with the original versions of the consoles, or even the slim versions, will be if developers start targeting the new higher-end hardware, then scaling back things like resolution or scene complexity, or compromising on frame rate for the lower-end hardware. On the positive side, this could mean PC games might not get held back quite as much by the limitations of eight year old console hardware though, as they were last generation.


Mar 25, 2015
will this version finally have a UI that doesn't lag? :) Probably pick this one up to update my blu-ray player (currently a xbox one s). Might as well, probably get a decent trade-in deal. Now that Sony is releasing some nice exclusives... gotta rebuy whatever their current hardware is at that time (sold my ps4).



1. To each their own.

2. And yet when the XB1 came out people said the lack of hardware to perform against the PS4 was their downfall even though Microsoft was focusing on an all around value since, at the time, the majority of 360s were being used to stream media more than game.

But it is Microsoft. Even if they follow the will of the people they wont win because everyone will still be angry at them.

On a much smaller process tech (almost half) so power should be much better. However it seems to be optimized as well as a R9 390 is only 5.1TFLOPS while a R9 390X was 5.9TFLOPs.

Also the memory bus is smaller than a R9 390 (384bit vs 512bit) but they are probably using much faster GDDR5 than the R9 390 had.

While I get why some people hate it, why is having one of the top failing parts of consoles/home entertainment products outside and easily replaceable bad? Short of extra clutter, which can be managed, it provides a much slimmer and cooler package for the system while also allowing more power to be pumped to the system, this one is 100W more than the Xbox One s which will feed that massive SoC..


Aug 17, 2016
As far as I know, there is no external power brick, it is internal like the Xbox One would make no sense to have it external at this point. Yes, it is $500, but this is a real must have if one has or is purchasing a 4K set. Already I have heard reviews that the PS4 Pro versions will make no difference, but you are wrong....I have one and the most 4K I have received since December out of this unit is the odd title and a UI...this beast and a PS4 Pro are actually further apart then a regular xbox one and PS4. Also, those who feel it is too expensive? Simply, do not purchase one. Those who like Xbox exclusives and would like to see them in full native 4K, like myself will purchase one. Also, keep in mind that Microsoft has included libraries and such to make outputting to this console as efficiently as possible, I would be surprised if Sony has provided the same for developers for the PS4 Pro.

Brandon Taylor

Dec 2, 2013
"Xbox One X will come with a 1TB hard disk drive and a UHD Blu-ray drive. Take note that it's more power hungry with its 245 watt internal power supply. The Xbox One S has a 120 watt internal power supply, while the original's power supply is 220 watts and external."
Gamespot @ E3, 2017
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