Question Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Repair Question

Jan 18, 2020
I purchased an Xbox One with a display issue preventing it from being recognized when connected via HDMI.

After some monkeying I was able to blindly sign into my Xbox profile and stream it to Windows 10.

I was able to open apps without issues but any game whether graphically demanding or not immediately causes the Xbox's fan to go into overdrive and eventually shut down whether streamed in 4K or the lowest resolution.

Upon opening the case, I came faced with many stripped screws with practically all of them loose (seller conveniently left this part out).

Fortunately, I was able to get all the screws out and examine the main board for any obvious damage. Nothing appears to be out of place.

Given the HDMI port/pins appear to be in good condition, I came to the conclusion that I would have to replace the TDP158 chip and have ordered the replacement. I also plan on reapplying the thermal solutions upon completion.

My concern is that the Xbox would overheat/think it was overheating upon launching games. I don't want to go through the hassle of replacing the chip if there is something more serious occuring.

Now my question is, will a faulty TDP158 chip cause this to occur?

Could it simply be thermal paste (I'd have to look more closely at the thermal paste when I get a chance)?

I also wanted to note that some sort of interaction is occuring between the tv and Xbox. It would bring my tv out of sleep mode when plugged in and the Xbox was able to pull my TVs 4K support statistics. I tried launching games both with and without the HDMI connected. All games were digital, I tried games from internal and external storage.