Question Xbox series S display issues

Jul 11, 2021
Hi guys, First time posting use this website a lot for finding resolutions, so i'm having issues with my xbox series s and a tv monitor that I have, It's a very old monitor but it does work most of the time. My issue is with the xbox series s getting the correct resolution, I have the xbox connected through a normal HDMI and it displays properly on the DVI setting in my xbox, but I get no audio, It gets audio when I use the HDMI setting, but it does not display properly, they're both set to 720p but the difference is huge in the visuals. I'd like to use HDMI and get the proper visuals cause I want to use the speakers to sit back and watch stuff instead of having to have headphones connected to my controller, I'll try to post the settings below.

This is HDMI ( doesn't fill the screen even if i set the display to wide it just stretches this)

This is DVI, I'd like to have this on the HDMI setting so I can get the audio through but it's not working.
Thanks in advance!