News Xbox Series X vs PS5: Which Console Stays Coolest


Jul 13, 2020
None of this really matters. I have an original XBOX One that's been thru hell and back and is still running. The same goes for my PS4 Pro. I have a PS3 Slim that I purchased in 2008 that has no issues. I also have an XBOX 360 Slim that I purchased on release day in 2010, also going strong.

The bottom line is these machines are built to last and will probably still be working when the new generation of consoles arrive in another 6 yrs.


Mar 16, 2020
Having used a PS3, PS4 and also an Xbox Series X, I have to say the noise level from the Xbox is impressive when the consoles are under load. Just as the reviewer mentioned, I can barely hear anything even when gaming on the XBSX for hours.

As to the SOC running hotter on the Xbox, I think it should not come as a surprise since it is a beefier chip to begin with, as compared to the SOC used in the PS5. The PS5 SOC is clocked faster, but depending on the game, it is hard to tell if it is running at full speed or not. DMC5 is not exactly a next gen game and on the PC, you can easily run the game at 60 FPS with a lower mid range GPU. You can push it by enabling RT, but I believe that caps the game at 1080p on the PS5. So again, you gain some eye candy while pushing the SOC, but also at the same time, relaxes the SOC because of the lower resolution. If possible, I think it would be great to test a similar game(s) for a like for like comparison. In any case, thank you for the review. It is good to see some numbers, rather than guessing.


Dec 15, 2016
In my cousins case, the Xbox stays much cooler; it's always off as he games away on the PS5. LoL
I hope he's playing now or he's missing out big time. Forza is amazing.. 4k60 with VRR. Also amazing dialed up to 11 on PC at 4k120.

Then you have Halo Infinite MP which is very nice so far despite some growing pains.

I have it on good authority that campaign is just excellent. The wait is getting painful.

Gaming in Dolby Vision with Atmos... Mmm so nice. The Atmos headphones are good too.

Plus gamepass... It's an amazing experience..

I gotta say I crazy excited about God of War on PC. I want Sony to keep them coming so I don't have to buy a ps5 but.. I'm gonna end up with one eventually and hopefully sooner...right now all I care about is ratchet and clank. Yeah other late gen PS4 games at 60 would be nice and more Spiderman is ok but not worth trying to hunt one down. Sony usually pulls through on first party so I know good stuff is coming soon. There's good stuff everywhere.

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In my cousins case, the Xbox stays much cooler; it's always off as he games away on the PS5. LoL
My series X stays cool as a cucumber. Even when running cyber punk or other very demanding games. I never hear a sound From the fan. I can’t compare to my PS five because I can’t find a PS five to buy
Dec 3, 2021
I take it he must of only just got a PS5 as it only has a few games not on Xbox and they are single player games that can all be finished in a week, I suppose there is Xbox game studios Deathloop on there which has Multiplayer.
Forza Horizon 5, MS Flight Sim, Halo Multiplayer are keeping me busy on the Series X whilst it still has Halo campaign, The Gunk etc still to come this month and all are on Gamepass day one.