Xbox usb corrupted??


Jul 26, 2012
Well, i have a 16gb usb that i use for my xbox, i have about 2gb left. I go to play battlefield 3 (last time played was 3 days ago) and as soon as i select my storage device (the usb) it freezes?!?! The music still plays (music from the main menu) but it freezes and all you can see is a blue streak right at the edge of the screen which is just part of the background to battlefield 3. So i turn off my xbox and reload the game except this time i select my other storage device (256mg) and it works with no problems. I also tried going into the 256mg storage and then once it's loaded i change the storage device to the usb but nothing happens?!?! So i check if i still have my battlefield saves by going to the system menu on the xbox homepage and it's all there.

Im thinking that it's a corrupt usb but it works completely fine with other games, WHAT IS GOING ON!

i am just about to buy a new hd tv, battlefield premium and a hard drive mainly for battlefield and NOW IT DECIDES TO FREEZE UP?!?!?
If i do buy the xbox 360 hard drive though, do you think i can transfer the usb data to the hard drive and battlefield 3 will work again?