Question Xbox wireless adapter issue (not XBOX ACC)

Feb 10, 2021
Does anyone know if any recent updates to Windows would affect the wireless adapter for Xbox One controller? I have been using an Xbox One wireless controller with my PC for about 6 months now. I purchased a second hand official adapter from Ebay after the charger port stopped working. After syncing first time it worked perfectly and all I had to do subsequently was switch on the controller when needed and the adapter would pick it up without fail. Last week they stopped syncing, even when I put them next to each other. Both devices blink but do not pair. My phone is able to detect the controller and last night I was able to install the adapter and pair with my controller using my partners old laptop. I don't think she has updated Windows 10 for at least 2-3 years. i have tried uninstalling and rebooting and tried 4 different USB ports to no avail. I also ordered a replacement adapter but I have the same issue. Both devices appear on Device Manager under Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, updating drivers does nothing as Windows insists they are up to date.