Question Xeon 1650v2 4.5ghz ? Vram thermal pads

May 10, 2019
Hey, whats up guys !
I have a Xeon 1650v2 on a Asus Rampage IV Black Edition , currently at 4.4 ghz on 1.265 voltage with Load Line Calibration at high. It wil spike sometimes to 1.280 voltage.
I was thinking to put it at 4.5. I tryed and i can get it stable at 1.285 voltage with LLC at high(if i lower it its not stable) it will stay on 1.312 voltage. Max temps on gaming 70c just spikes, but average is 60/65c . I have a Hyper Evo 212 cooler.
Is 1.312 voltage safe with these temps? Thanks alot

Another question.
Would you advice to change thermal pads of VRAm? And thermal paste on chip? Since this board is old.

Thanks alot
Well download HWinfo64 and check the temps.
I really dont know what are the max temps of the VRM's, but I think from 75C-110C, depends...

I would change the paste under the chip, sometimes it can be thermal pad , which happens to be with my Asus mobo.
Well I dont see any point of changing thermal pads of the VRM's unless they are ripped off.

For me it looks like this.
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Sorry but image is bit blurry for me, you can hit alt + prnt screen to capture only specific window .

I used to put finger on vrms and did not have any issues whatsoever just make sure your finger is dry enough.

For overclocking , im not kinda familiar with other than 775 socket.
Some say 1.35V for 5+ years, but someone else has to confirm here tho.