Question Xeon 2470 v2 works only in BIOS ?

Nov 27, 2022
Hi. Some time ago I became interested in the topic of xenons. I bought atermiter x79 on lga 1356, 16GB ram ddr3 ecc 2RX8 and 2420 cpu. I paid for it 40USD. I bought the 2420 only as a test processor to check if the board and ram work, because the target procesor 2470 v2 I bought on aliexpress.

On 2420 everything works. But on 2470 when I try to install windows I get whea uncorrectable error.

The processors have the same TDP , so it's not the fault of the power supply or the board. Is it possible that the 2470 only works in the bios and when I try to install/load windows it pops up an error?