XFX 680i LT build



Hey everybody, I built a system using the XFX 680i LT board with a E6750 chip, OCZ RAM and two dvd writers in the build. I had problems with the build immediately upon intalling windows Vista, even though everything is Vista Ready. The Problem was with the graphics (I have an EVGA 8800 GT) it kept freezing causing a system crash during games and such. Also i could not write DVD's without them turning into garbage. I got rid of Vista and went back to XP, and though the system isn't crashing anymore, i still cannot write to DVD's without Roxio freezing or the disc being unreadable. I'm not sure if this is a problem with windows or if i bought a bad board. I'm using two light scribe DVD RW +R Multi recorder, one generic and one from Pioneer. I didnt know if i should spend a couple hundred dollars in replacing the board if there might be another reason its acting up.

Relisting Specs:
XFX 680i LT board
Intel E6750 chip
6 GB of OCZ Platinum & Gold Ram
EVGA 8800 GT Graphics
Windows XP Pro SP3
Roxio 10 (previosly used Nero 9)
Two Lightscribe DVD RW +R writers one generic & one pioneer
I'd have to say the freezing problem is probably either RAM or PSU related. What PSU do you have? Are your RAM timings/voltage manually set to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS? Are you using 64-bit XP? Are you really running 6GB of RAM, or is that a typo? If you're not using a 64-bit OS and really do have 6GB of RAM, you might as well take out 2GB of RAM because a 32-bit OS can't even fully use 4GB of RAM.


Dec 22, 2008
Did you overclock? (If so, potentially unstable overclock in your PSU, ram, CPU, or graphics card.)

Have you tried burning disks under Win XP to BOTH drives? (To rule out a bad drive for that part of the problem.)

If you have completed evongugg's suggestions....

I must agree with shortstuff_mt.