XFX 6870 Black Edition not showing in Windows

Other question about the 6870. ( don't think related to the other one )
I translate from a Dutch OS so please be patient.
I installed a XFX 6870 BE with latest XFX drivers but when i look in the resolution screen and then go to advanced settings the info about the gpu says the chip type is ATI display adapter ( 0x6738 )
The Dac-Type is internal DAC ( 400mhz )
Adaptertype 6800 series.
Is this normal or should it say Chiptype 6870 and internal dac 940 mhz or is internal dac something else than core speed. ( probably a nooby question but i really can't remember what it said with previous cards, i thought it always mentioned the max. core speed but not sure now anymore ) ( had an accident last week, my head is being a bit weird ) ( yes, even weirder than normal :pt1cable: )
Btw catalyst overdrive says it's at 940 mhz and cpuid-z says it's a 6870, so everything is fine i assume ?
The latest release from ATI/AMD is 11.8. The "6800 series" reference is perfectly normal. You have NOTHING to worry about. Just keep your system current and you'll have NO issues.

Good luck!
Oke, who's right then.
Geekapproved where exactly should it say that it's a 6800 series, on top of the window with the little gpu picture saying ; "Adaptertype" it says 6800 series but at the chiptype it says ATI display adapter ( 0x6738)
Did install latest drivers ( had to, this, probably litlle bit old, package only had a cd with no windows 7 drivers . . . )

So what exactly is the problem?