I've been trying to O.C. my XFX 6870 and i think i have a problem.When i use MSI Afterburner to increase the voltage in MSI Afterburner it says it is but in HWMonitor it's saying it's staying at default 1.174.
Is it possible that the voltage could be locked on the card?Is their a switch or something i can do to be able to increase the voltage?
Temps are about the same but that's only becuase i have a agressive fan profile.

I would use ATI Overdrive but it doesn't have voltage.

Even if MSI Afterburner is adjusting the voltage why is it even at max volt it won't be stable at 975/1200?

Is their any other program besides Afterburner and HWMonitor? Maybe GPU-Z?
So i just downloaded GPU-Z.Noticed when stressing that theirs the GPU temp and 3 other GPU temps.I'm guessing their all placed in different places aroudn the card.What worries me is that one of the temps is 110c.I thought the max temp for the 6870 is 100c.Is it bad that that 1 temp is 110c?



Apr 5, 2011
also using XFX 6870, a dual fan version. core is also only stable up to 975MHz. same problem with MSIAfterburner, says voltage is changed but monitoring tools still show defaults. all my temps are good but I would like to get this damn voltage increased, hopefully without fooling around with the card's BIOS.
right now at 965MHz/1220MHz with stock voltage. not sure pushing to 1000MHz/1250MHz would make much difference but I still want this bitch maxed!

no one seems to have an idea how to do this without using MSIAfterburner. the 10 threads I've found this question under have no response, everyone just keeps changing the subject.