Feb 24, 2009
Well, i wanna overclock my E8500 (dual-core Intel).
It's in my XFX 780i motherboard and has a massive Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme with a Zalman fan on it.
Just, in the BIOS, it has a CPU multiplier thing?
I hit enter on it and it is either minimum 6x maximum 9x so i chose 6x to begin with and it put it at 2933MHz (By the way the E8500 factory is 3166MHz).
That was no good so i chose 9x and it turns out 9x is the factory clock of 3166MHz?

If i enter a number higher it doesn't work.

Anybody help ?
Please fully read the Core 2 Overclocking Sticky, it should answer nearly every question you have.

FYI, all Intel CPUs, other than the Extreme Editions, have locked multipliers.
That means you are only able to change your multiplier from the minimum 6 to (for your CPU) a maximum of 9.5.
In order to raise your CPU speed, you must change the other part of the equation, the FSB.
As the CPU speed is determined by (CPU multiplier) x (FSB speed), raising your FSB from the stock 333Mhz is how you must overclock your system.


May 21, 2008
+1 on the sticky

Something i would point out is that if you are using the lower multiplier your ram will end up running faster (due to ram speed = FSB * 2), so the ram itself might limit how far you could push your overclock, in which case it might be better to stick to the higher multiplier.