XFX 7970 GHZ VS Zotac GTX680 at 5760X1080


Jan 4, 2013
I'm debating between these 2 card:
XFX 7970 GHZ Edition 379$
Zotac GTX680 399$

I'm using 3 X 24inch monitor and planed on playing game at 5760*1080. The game I play the most is World of War Craft MOP. I also play other game from time to time.

I have been doing Google between all these card for months. I'm aware of the new AMD driver but I can't find any good benchmark between these 2 card at 5760X1080 with updated driver.

I had originally bought the ZOTA GTX680 at boxing day but I'm told that the card is back order and I need to wait. Today I found the XFX 7970 GHZ edition for 379$ and I'm very tented to get a refund on that back order card event tho every research I did point me that NVIDIA is more powerful at 5760X1080 but I haven't find any new benchmark with that new AMD driver.

This old review clearly show that 7970 are behind in World of War Craft at 5760X1080.

I wish they had done this review with 5760X1080

Should I cancel my order at Future Shop on the Back Order Zotac GTX680 at 399$ and get the XFX7970 GHZ at 379$?





Mar 26, 2009
At the moment the 7970 GHz runs circles around the 680.

The 7970 will drop in price as the new 8xxx series cards are due in 2 or 3 months from now.

Here is a nice video and some benchmarks of the stock 7970 non-ghz vs the 680 in March last year.

Go for the 7970GHz.
I'm also in the market to replace my two 6950s, would have gone with a 7970. but waiting for the 8xxx series to come out.
The 680 is a waste of money, and your sources are wrong; Radeon currently trups Nvidia thoroughly at that resolution. (And you want to get a minimum of 3GB VRAM on either card... which means buying the 4GB 680.)

That being said, neither are amazing cards - Zotac is known for making bad cards, and XFX is known for making middle-of-the-line cards.

You also have the 8000 / 700 series being released in a few months, which almost certainly is worth waiting for.


Nov 30, 2012
For 5760x1080 the 7970 will utterly destroy the GTX680, anything higher than 1440p the GTX680 will be heavily crippled by it's 256-bit bus and will lose to the 7970 by a fairly large margin, 4GB is useless because the GTX680 will be bottlenecked by it's 256-bit interface far before all of it's 4GB memory is actually utilized.


Jan 4, 2013

Thanks this is the kind of response, I've been looking for I hadn't seen this review before, only things is that World Of War Craft is not in the Benchmark and from what I posted in my original Post it look like AMD have issue with World Of War Craft at 5760X1080 but my information is old.

@To others
I understand, what is everyone saying the 256bit VS 384 & 2GB va 3 GB of VRam but these argument are not showed on most benchmark for World Of War Craft.

Like I say originally, I play other game from time to time but in the past 5 years, I spend 90% of my gaming time at World Of War craft, all other game bored me real quick.