May 13, 2009
i have a ati 4670 and a xfx 8300 motherboard. I've been trying to play command and conquer 3 but i can't because it comes up with an error saying make sure the hardware accelerator is not disabled in the graphics control pannel and also the graphics does not reach the minimum requirements of the game. But i am playing the game of the descrete graphics card for * sake, not the IGPU (internal) and the card has 1gb of memory. I play other games fine, like Far Cry 1 which requires 64mb of memory minimum. The IGPU says that it has 64mb of video memory. Does this mean that it limits even the discrete graphics card for games that are over 64mb? I have disabled the IGPU as well and made sure that it is also uninstalled. In the BIOS i'm putting the option GPU card first, and IGPU disabled.