Xfx hd 5870 or sapphire hd 5870?


Sep 27, 2009
everything in my new build is complete but am confused as to which manufacturer to buy the hd 5870 from. Obviously what XFX has over sapphire is its lifetime warrenty. I have also heard many good things about XFX. But when I decided to go ATI for my build I had never heard of Sapphire until yesterday.(always been using geforce).

Another big delima is that the sapphire 5870 is available on newegg but yet the xfx has yet to come back in stock.

So what would you all recommend me to get for my new build? The Sapphire 5870 or the XFX 5870? I know they both have the same components pretty much but what about their support?


Apr 11, 2007
If anyone is wondering ... there's more to the XFX card than just the double lifetime warranty ... which is fantastic ... go to this link and look at the cooling on their cards ! Beats the heck out of saphhhire and all the other makers ! Heat pipes /dual \ and all . http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/xfx_hd_5870_1gb_hd587a_zn/2.htm .... NO THEY'RE NOT ALL THE SAME as some tell you .... why do you think they're the only company with that double lifetime warranty that's trasferable to any owner
" FOREVER " !!!!
Just bought two sapphire's today. Go with the sapphire. By the time the warranty is up you'll want something newer

I don't see a reason to go with the Sapphire when the XFX is the exact same card with the same specs.

Most people that buy a 5870 will not be upgrading for at least 2-3-4 years (unless they have cash to burn) so why bother with a 2 year warranty when you can get lifetime for the same price? Saphires are over-rated IMO... If Visiontek can provide a lifetime warranty then why can't Sapphire do the same? My point is that a 2 year warranty makes me feel like im not being taken care of, specially if the GPU is around 400$ .....


Nov 5, 2009

Ehh what?
I registered myself here on tomshardware just to reply to your bs post since no one else have told you that you have wrong.

XFX uses the reference design atm so XFX cards are identical to all other cards, like powercolor, gigabyte, sapphire, asus, HIS, etc etc.