Question XFX Merc 310 RX 7900 XT right Red Lamb Problem

Mohammed Gamal Ali

Mar 15, 2014
i have a big issue and it makes my life as a hell i have just bought XFX Merc 310 RX 7900 XT i have seasonic focus 850w +80 Gold i have installed the card connecting both 8 pin pcie with 2 sperate cables the computer booted and the card worked very well but
there is notes 1-the left pcie is ok
2- the right pcie show a red led always and i changed all cables , changed the psu with a new seasonic power supply 850w ,make sure that all cables are connected properly even though the right led lamb is always on all the time and this is very annoying i want to ask
1-what is the solution of this problem?
2- is there any possible that i got a damaged card or the pcie right 8 pin socket is damaged some way so what do you recommend to do ?