Question XFX r9 280x (x2) Xfire

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Oct 15, 2019
I have recently purchased a second xfx r9 280x off of from ebay. The eBay GPU that I have bought matches with my second one. However when I got it, I was doing some driver updates. I noticed that the second GPU does not show temps and stays core clock 300mhz and memory clock 150mhz locked. I have disconnected my second monitor. I have only one monitor being used for the rest of the process according AMD says in order to use CF.

I went on Forza Horizon 4 and the crossfire was not working. I was a little disappointed since MS games are encrypted therefore, I could not use my crossfire advantage on global Radeon profile. So, I am like alright it is fine what I have. Lets try other games; went on Far Cry 5 and by far FC5 has one of the best SLI/CF supports. Went on that game and did benchmark. The results did poorly... like worse than running one xfx r9 280x. I was devastated. I have a thousand watt PSU EVGA and that should be more than plenty of horsepower.

Anyways, I have used DDU to remove all display drivers. I have wiped OUT everything off my drives and freshly new UEFI pirated windows 10 pro. I do not think having pirating on windows will have effect on MOBO since I heard it needs to be activated in order to work properly. I have used my original xfx r9 280x CD which is a little old CCC but did not really help as much.

The temps are now showing on my eBay GPU which is a good sign however the core and memory clock were still locked. I do have crossfire on with the bridge connected on 16x on each. I have done some test runs on 3D mark and nothing has shown my CPU nor my GPU. Results are (0 FPS) which is very disappointing. I have recently got ClockBlocker which seems to kind of working. Both of my GPUs are now showing full numbers.

I have the latest Radeon driver and both GPUs are saying core 300mhz and memory clock150mhz and I am like what the... However, going to full screen on FurMark testing on EXCLUSIVE FULLSCREEN will crash my pc and requires a FULL shut down which is very impractical. Both GPU will go 99% load for 0.2 seconds but crashes immediately.

According to use CF AMD says, "Exclusive full screen". I have updated both cards with the lastest BIOS. I also have removed my MOBO battery to reset its BIOS. I do not have the special 2 pin to reset so I ended up using the battery negative side for five seconds. I do not know if that really did help but it was worth of a try.

I have flashed my MOBO to its latest drivers. That seem to messed up a little on my MOBO because whenever I am working on BIOS as soon as I click something the BIOS pages recognizes as like spam clicks which is abnormal. I am not sure what to do at this point. I have just decided before posting this fourm to stress test my eBay GPU XFX R9 280X and the core clock is at 500mhz and memory clock is at 150mhz according from FurMark. Have I gotten scammed or what? Could it be my MOBO not supporting ATI Tahti or AMD R9 200 series?

Please have a look of my build -

Thank you,
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