Xfx Radeon HD6670 Crossfire?


Jan 5, 2012


Whats up, above is the specs in regards to the model I currently have.

Story outline... A few days before Christmas 2011, a Radeon x1650 pro gave out in my old HP a1230n. I bought the xfx HD6670 because it was a cheap replacement with a free game and a rebate. This old computer has every upgrade imaginable for a box OEM and its time to put her to rest, especially since its definitely bottlenecking the card. Someone gave me a bare Gateway 4200 with the AMD Phenom x4 9150e which I was going to combine the two and deal with it till i was ready to build a new system. Well, I've decided to chunk the Gateway in the trash and move on to building.

I'm not looking to have the best of the best... I save those desires for my gun collection. What I'm looking to do is a mid level gaming machine built around this video card, an antec 500 watt power supply and the Cooler Master HAF 912 computer case.

My questions are as follows...

has anyone here successfully crossfired this card?

If so, what are your thoughts, specs of the mother board and processor?

what current AM3 mother board and processor combo would fit this card well without a lot of bottlenecking?

Please... No Intel options... strictly AMD.


Mar 10, 2012

HD 6670 does not have a crossfire bridge, so crossfires possible with most motherboards with 880 chipsets or 890 chipset (amd catalyst 11 or 12), IF the bios supports it. 980 and 990 chips also work. The question is, will the MB handle Cpu current + 2 6670s? a 890 FX will. Overclock will not be an option with a 500watt PS. Best stick with a 95 watt cpu. (960t or a fx 6100). Alternate is a8-3850 plus hd 6670, performs similar to a 960T and 5750 + 6750 1Gb crossfire (3d mark 11 Performance,,, in 4200 range) which is good enough for Far Cry 2@1270 with all settings at high or very high.

I am using a msi 890fxa-70, 6gb ram (IOMMU uses up 2Gb, 1Gb for each vid card) which leaves 4.1Gb for the OS toplay with. I did not notice any performance differance between 6 and 8 Gb. So I pulled 1 stick(pc 1600). That saves 15 watts. Performance sucks if you use 32 bit OS with this combination, 64 BITS works much betterer. I am using a 700 watt PS. I can nudge the 960t to 3.1 Ghz and run the memory at 1533, but OC the vid cards and the game crashes. The 960T runs fine @ 3.9Ghz and Popcap games. The 960 runs @ 39C and video @ 60-63C while gaming (Far Cry 2).

An A8 APU and your 6670 should work fine with 500 watts, but no overclocking.

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