XFX radeon HD6950 2gb or Nvidia GTX 560 Ti??


Nov 2, 2011
So, i was going to buy a XFX radeon HD 6950 2gb but after seeing that gtx 560 ti is also good im confused. Help me choose from these two.

My range is 27000PKRs. Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 1gb is about 26000PKRs while hd 6950 2gb is about 27500PKRs. please help me choose which one should i buy? also tell me if there is a need for 2gb? my monitor is 18.5". But sometimes i play on my T.V which is 37".

I want to play games like battlefield3, AC Brotherhood, CRYSIS2, The Witcher 2 etc at their full graphic quality.
Also if in your opinion there is a better card, please tell me about that too. My range is till 28000.
Also please tell me which Power supply should i buy?


Sep 17, 2010
Both are great cards - you'll be happy with either. But I would look at the 6950 1gb, you wont use more than that with 1 monitor. At the prices you're looking at, I think the 6950 is the best value. I believe pretty much any quality power supply that has 600W will be fine, I used to run my 6870 1gb from a 5 y/o enermax 475w.
Enermax, corsair, coolermaster... many other quality brands but that's what I tend to pick from.