Question XFX RX 580 gives green screen until Windows loads AMD driver ?


Oct 19, 2021
I have bought a used XFX RX 580 4GB GPU. The card looks good generally but problem is when i start PC i can see some strange green screen as in screenshots below. Also same problem is come when OS is loaded without drivers as you can see on screenshot. When I install latest AMD drivers all looks normal, temp is good i have tested card with all benchmarks and no problems at all,, but the problem with the green screen while booting the computer is still there until Windows loads the drivers. Any idea why green screen is there while PC is booting and what can be problem?



Are you sure the above green screen glitch, does NOT happen when the GPU drivers are properly installed ?

From that screenshot, it looks like some kind of GPU VRAM corruption issue, though since your card behaves normally after the drivers, and you also did some benchmarks, then I doubt this has anything to do with the card's memory, or any other component.

Out of curiosity, which PSU model are you using to power this card ? List the exact make and model number. Which Monitor screen is that ?