Question XFX RX 590 Fatboy issue

Jan 27, 2023
Hello everyone, I built my PC back in the summer of 2019, and everything was fine until aug 2022 i've had issues when playing games with my computer I've tried almost every solution under the sun for the problem i've had but, no luck so far

So, the first time it happened it was a hot summer day, and i was playing Warzone 1 with my friends, mid game, eventually the screen goes black and it says [VGA NO SIGNAL], I use a HDMI to VGA converter
to do anything i had to do a hard turn off of the computer by holding the power button and then turn it back on, all seemed to be normal, so i tried to join back, give or take one hour, and it happened again, ever since that day, whenever i played SOME games it would happen every once an hour, and any solution i have tried, didn't change anything, Eventually, since i couldn't do much about it i decided to just play games that wouldn't cause this issue to happen, Stormworks and Ready Or Not. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, a friend of mine wants to play Battlefield 5 with me, we start playing, all fine, eventually this reoccours, i turn off, turn on again, and hop back on the game, after doing so for a couple of times, the time window before this happens again shortens to 30-40 minutes. Eventually we call it quits. Fast forward even more to today, and, after quite a long session engineering a vehicle on stormworks it happened again.

Something similar to this used to happen when i ran the GPU early on when it was just bought. This would happen during video calls/meetings. However the Issue stopped happening shortly after a couple of weeks.

The Issue
Playing certain games causes the issue to happen in an hour (GTAV,BFV etc...)
While playing some other games the issue would happen hours later (The Division 2, Tank mechanic sim...)
Changing from Directx 12 to Directx11 etc didn't do much if nothing at all.
It didn't happen with certain games (Stormworks, Ready Or Not, The Division 1...) but as of recently it started occouring
Occasionally moving my UPS's power input Cable has had a similar effect

What the GPU does when this happens:
The gpu still has the blue lights lit (on the power connectors) however the fans stop spinning, and there's no video on the screen
the games run perfectly fine just as the day i bought it, it doesn't struggle, no fps drops no nothing

Things that happened the day before this issue manifested:
I updated windows

Things that i noticed with the reliability history:
Everytime this used to happen Microsoft Gameinput used to update itself. (Since then i tried a solution that effectively removed Gameinput, but this issue still seems to persist.)

Various things i tried/noticed (After the issue occoured) [The list is not exhaustive as i've forgot a lot of the methods i have tried over the months]
I ran a windows RAM diagnostic tool and no issues were found.
During the startup of my computer my motherboard shows a red light under the cpu
took apart computer piece by piece and cleaned it with compressed air, changed thermal pastes too
Monitored the values while running the gpu the problem would occour again (done it a couple of times), nothing seemed out of the ordinary
Changed the UPS's power input cable (did nothing)
Tried resetting the powerstrip's breaker (it's old)
Tried resetting the UPS's breaker

GPU: RX 590 Fatboy
CPU: Intel 3770k 3.40 GH
RAM: Timetec DDR3 16 gb (8x2) 1333 Mhz
PSU: CoolerMaster MWE 700 230V White V2
MB: Asus Essentio Cm6730's (Looks very similar to an Asus Ph861-M LE R2.0)
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