Question XFX RX580 too hot?


Dec 31, 2007
So to start my system is running:
  1. i7-6700k with a hyper 212 evo cooler
  2. Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming 5 mb
  3. Phantex Enthoo Evolv ITX case(200mm fan intake on the front and 140mm fan exhaust in the back)
  4. XFX GTS RX 580 (RX-580P8DFD6)
What I am noticing is when playing games like Dead by Daylight that is GPU oriented the temps on my GPU are running around 80-88c at the highest, and when idle it sits around 50-53c. I do have AMD's Wattman for the fan control but am just using their default fan curve. But I have never had a card run this hot and I don't know if its due to the ITX case that I have in it and not enough space between the PSU and the fans to cool down, or if the XFX version of the RX580 just runs that hot in general. I figured I'd try to reach out before going out and either buying a new card or a new case.

I think personally by default as my reference RX 480 was set to "Silent mode" , hitting similar high temps, but after few tweaks within the fan RPM, i could get balance between loudness and temperature (hitting max 70C-80C).

You could try setting up the fan curve within the wattman or the MSI Afterburner (try with both and see which suits you better).